Meetings & Events


The Hotel has several meeting rooms including one auditorium with capacity for 200 people.

There are also other meeting rooms for up to 150 people.

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Vitorino Nemésio BallRoom

  • The Vitorino Nemésio Auditorium is a very broad and versatile space, with an area of ​​248.5 m2.
  • Equipped with two independent translation booths, it has the capacity to transmit three languages ​​simultaneously.
  • Outside the room, a fixed tent allows the extension of the auditorium to the maximum capacity of 300 people in banquet format.
  • The Auditorium Vitorino Nemésio is equipped with its own audiovisual material.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Floor Level: 0
  • Total Area of Meeting Space: 248.5 square Meters
  • Ceiling height: 3.1 meters

    Space Capacities (number of people)
  • Theatre style: 200
  • U-shape style: 60
  • Banquet style: 150

  • High-speed Internet access
  • Video conferencing
  • Sound system

Diogo de Silves - Meeting Room

  • The Diogo de Silves room has a maximum capacity of 150 people.
  • With an intimate atmosphere, it is perfect for business meetings.
  • For a total area of ​​218.7 m2, its flexibility allows for multiple combinations of set-up.
  • Floor Level: -2
  • Total Area of Meeting Space: 218.7 square Meters
  • Ceiling height: 2.34 meters

    Space Capacities (number of people)
  • U-shape style: 50

Natalia Correia Meeting Room

The Meeting Room Natália Correia has an area of ​​73.50 m2, with direct access to a pleasant terrace on the Hotel Garden.

Its dimensions make it the ideal choice for small business meetings and lectures.

  • Floor Level: 1
  • Total Area of Meeting Space: 73.5 square Feet
  • Ceiling height: 2.64 meters

    Space Capacities (number of people)
  • Theatre style: 55
  • Cabaret style: 32
  • U-shape style: 25

Angra Meeting Room

With 15.5 m2, Angra Meeting Room is the perfect space for small events.

With a maximum capacity for 9 people in round table, it is essentially dedicated to business meetings.

  • Floor Level: 0
  • Total Area of Meeting Space: 15.2 square Meters
  • Ceiling height: 2.72 meters

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